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Another of the original line up and one of the only drinks to make it onto every menu! This drink came around when we were failing to think of well known games and mix them with alcohol, overhearing our woeful attempts a regular (Arthur Spear) threw out Earthworm Gin and we couldn’t pass up the¬†opportunity to us that name and pay respects to the greatest worm in gaming history.


Early Grey Tea Bags

50ml Gin

10ml Lemoncello

Lime Wedge

10ml Sugar Syrup


Start by brewing two tea bags with 5oml of boiling water after 2mins add in the gin, Lemoncello and sugar syrup. Allow to brew for 2mins then strain leaving the bags behind into a shaker filled with ice and shake until chilled then add to a part filled glass of lemonade and add the lime wedge for garnish. Sip at your leisure while playing this full blast!


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