• Deus Ex on the beach.


Following on from our two previous drinks for Resident Evil and Alice Madness Returns, we were working in the office (browsing the net) and was speaking to some people on the Guardian Gamesblog chatterbox page. The topic turned to what Loading does and people started pitching puns like “Metal Gear Salad” , member ‘Cunning Stunt’ then mentioned ‘Deus Ex on the Beach’ and with the new game coming out we got in touch with Square Enix pitching the drink idea as part of the release.


Sloping glass, 10ml Grenadine, 25ml Peach Schnapps, 150ml Orange Juice, 50ml Cranberry Juice, 50ml Goldschlager.

Fill the glass with ice and start by pouring the grenadine, archers and cranberry juice. Next carefully pour the orange juice into the glass, to finish pour the Goldschlager over the back of a spoon so that it layers onto of the juice, serve.

Once we had permission we stayed pretty true to the classic recipe with Peach Schnapps, Triple Distilled Vodka, Orange and Cranberry juice. This has been augmented with Goldshlager to bring in the iconic Deus Ex: Human Revolution ‘golden shards’.”


Take me to your creator
This drink was the first time we teamed up with long time collaborator Will Egdecombe to take the image.
We actually took an alternative image with a half human hand showing battle damage revealing robotic innards but because this didn’t match the game assets they never saw the light of day.
Where did you get the glass?
You can order some here: http://www.drinkstuff.com/products/product.asp?ID=5877
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