Downloading Patch Notes

So with it being the new year we thought it was time to make some much needed performance tweaks to the downstairs, if you’ve never been before this won’t make much difference to you, tl;dr it’s better and drinks haven’t gone up in price.

Patch Notes

  • Xbox ‘Two’ we’ve added a second Xbox One (thanks to Xbox UK!) to allow people to sample co-op together rather than passing the pad.
  • Arcade plug-in with new multi MAME cab with 60 classic games installed all on free-play.
  • Fixed Lack of Audio with Bluetooth speaker. (If you’re in first you can listen to your own music)
  • Graphics Upgrade with an extra screen and lowered fighting area screen for comfier play.
  • Reconfigured seating with two new tub seats for fighting area with back rests as leather cubes aren’t the best for wannabe champions.
Mario Warp Pipe inspired?

Mario Warp Pipe inspired?

  • Fixed a Playstation issue with additional PS4 controller so our demo unit is back in action with two pads again.
  • Solved known issue with screens being on left hand wall blocking walk way by switching them over and raised consoles for more space.
Room to swing a Madcatz

Room to swing a Madcatz

  • Lighting engine fixes (We’ve replaced every light fitting in the ceiling so they all work now)
  • Evolve Beta is playable on the bar account with the pre-order classes unlocked.
  • XCOM The board game playable by request.

There’s some other tweaks on the way but hopefully this is enough to keep you busy and if you didn’t notice things like the lights or awkward screen positions there’s nothing to see here.

If this is the first you’ve seen about the place don’t forget to check out our FAQ for other information to life’s biggest questions like ‘can pets come in the bar?’ (TL:)

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    What’s inside a £19.94 PS4


    So at the end of last year Sony went a little crazy and offered up 94 PS4 consoles to the first people stupid enough to queue all night and claim one, with the event happening just outside my house I decided it was a job worth doing and proceed to tweet spam my exploits.

    With the cargo secured it made it’s way back to the bar and we decided to get to work opening and sticking the thing on display, as Thomas Was Alone/Volume developer Mike Bithell was around Lucy roped him into our first un-boxing video which you can see here:

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      Amazon Developer Happy Hour


      Make games for Android?

      Like free booze?

      Free on Monday 12th of January at 7pm?

      Thanks to the Pocket Gamer conference happening this week we’ve got Jesse Freeman, Amazon Developer Evangelist (Whether this means there’ll be a gospel choir on site we’re not sure) who’s putting the company credit card behind the bar to trade drinks for open ears.

      All you need to be eligible is have a game or something in development that you’d be tempted to port over to Amazon Fire, you can come show your stuff or keep it under wraps.

      As well as the drinks there’ll be some giveaways so if like me you got suckered by auto renewal by Amazon Prime so got a Fire TV come learn how to make that subscription fee back in game royalties!

      For more details on the developer programme you can follow the hash-tag #AmazonAppDevor visit the dev portal at


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        Siege Mentality

        Rainbow Six Siege

        One of the perks of our new larger home is the potential to pursue stupid ideas that wouldn’t happen elsewhere, so inspired by the E3 reveal of Rainbow Six Siege, the universal appeal of Nerf guns and 101 Youtube videos we’re challenging YOU to siege the bar.

        You’ll be armed with Nerf guns, if you own your own deluxe ones you can bring the element of surprise otherwise ones will be provided.

        You’ll get plans of the place and two entry points offered while our elite team of mercenaries lay in wait having garrisoned the bar to make your life more difficult, if you’re shot on the chest or head you’re out but as long as one of your team make it out with the hostage you win things!

        We’ll have an impartial ref doing the best to keep people honest and they’ll have final say on if people live and die (at least metaphorically anyway)

        We haven’t got detailed rules but there’ll be some safety nonsense like

        No attacking on the stair wells

        No hand to hand combat

        No C4 unless it’s play dough you’ve fashioned into a charge shape.

        If you think you can find a team and want to enter email and we’ll send full details when the time comes in the meantime we’re busy trawling the web for guns.

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          12 Drinks of Christmas

          Supermario 3D Land

          With our Friday One Life Left/Regular Features/Guardian mega mix night sold out we wanted to do something a little different for anyone that missed out.

          One of the most requested things after ‘you need to be more central’ which is a little trickier to do is ‘the cocktails should be cheaper’ so for 12 hours on Saturday 20th we’re celebrating our last open day before reopening on the 27th with cheap booze!

          So what’s the deal? We’ll be offering up 12 different drinks, some classics like Drink to the Past, Donkey Konga and Sugar & Splice.


          He’s finally back with his coconut rum

          Some we’ve never made public before like our original Assassins Creed 3 drink


          We’re meddling in time to make this alcoholic

          Current favourites like ‘Evil Withgin’

          Evil With Gin

          And the odd special one off new creation!

          What's the abv?

          What’s the abv?

          Every drink will be available for an hour (except our last special 1-2am one as pesky licence laws mean we stop at 1.30am) for £5 each, there’s no tickets or entry requirements just come down, drink relax and play!

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            Progress Wrestling comes to Loading Bar with Marking Out

            Progress Wrestling at Loading

            Marking Out is hitting Loading Bar like a sexy wrestling wave this January 25th for the WWE Royal Rumble showcase. For the first time in 2015, wrestling fans from all over London will be able to get drunk, eat pizza, quiz themselves stupid and watch the premiere event that involves men being thrown over ropes, the Royal Rumble.

            What is also worth noting, is that Loading bar will be home to the Progress Wrestling afterparty that night so expect innovative chanting, Smallman sections and a whole lot of kayfabe. Fancy watching the rumble with your favourite Progress wrestlers? Well that dream might come true when you’re standing next to Jimmy Havoc or Will Ospreay (they won’t stand next to each other by the way).

            So why are we doing this? Well, as a wrestling fan, I’ve always found it troublesome to bump into those who are also fans of the sport without showing my true lack of knowledge at events. Also, wrestling PPV’s were rowdy times when confined to the comfort of my lounge with just a few friends, so why not put it somewhere that everyone can enjoy?

            There will be surprises on the 25th Jan; surprises that will blow your mind and also make you realise that there can be so much more to a wrestling PPV than just a simple quiz and a band.

            Tickets to both events are now sold out however you can sign up to the afterparty waiting list here


            Find us on the social channels:


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              LoL Lessons


              Admitting you have a problem is apparently the first step to recovery, around 7 days ago on a fateful Wednesday I became hooked on something…

              League of Legends

              It started innocently enough, we teamed up with Riot Games to show the LCS (Championship Season) I watched having no idea what was happening while commentators spoke of jungling and “taking dragon” places. Despite their community manager trying his best to explain what was happening to a man who’s PC gaming history is mostly Sim Golf and Football Manager – he failed.  A month later the NY Times (not something I tend to browse but Twitter showed me this) ran an piece showing patterns that appear over time here this explained some more about the game in layman terms I could grasp.

              Still so far still clean, I’ve stayed away from online games as they have no end point and are time sinks however after moving house on that fateful Wednesday when having lured me in with Taco’s my housemate decided to extol the virtues of LoL again and with a Laptop that can run more than Pong at my disposal it started…

              Thankfully the game forces you to play against A.I bots early on, with the game being free you are offered a selection of champions that rotate weekly with the option to buy others with Riot Points (money) or influence points which is earned in game. I had written a whole introduction to what the game is but with 27 million active players a day chances are you know what the game is and if you don’t there’s people far more skilled to explain the game so here in Buzzfeed style are the things I’ve been taught and learnt over the last 7 days playing the game.

              One Rule to Rule them All – DONT DIE

              This is probably rule number one in most games however dying leads to the enemy leveling up far quicker and costing your team dearly. Provided you stay near the towers which do big damage to champions your safe. However this doesn’t work when you get the overwhelming urge to push just a little further or try to finish off killing an opponent. It led me to having flashbacks to 1-2-3 in when your guarding a post the second you move all hell breaks out.

              HOLD THE LANE

              With the map split over three levels you’re usually tasked with guarding a lane early on, again the overwhelming urge to lead the charge tends to go wrong…

              Pulling a Leeroy Jenkins


              A game delicately balanced with team interplay crucial, still resisting that urge to charge forward and save the day alone proves difficult.

              I LIKE LAZERS

              Are they the best characters, no idea, I just know I like lazers so if you fancy joining me in battle expect to see Lux, Xerath, Vel’koz or Vikto spamming lazers!

              People like to surrender – I don’t!

              People like to surrender – obviously this becomes the common-sense thing to do when the enemy are vastly over leveled and you’ve lost nearly every strategic fortification by battling on you’re only prolonging the inevitable but there’s something about clicking surrender that just doesn’t sit well.

              The internet is an angry place

              I was passed the tip of disabling the chat window which is the online equivalent to covering your ears and does mean you can’t talk to your team either, luckily there’s no voice chat so you can at least you don’t have to hear the abuse. As a plus you will learn all new expletives you didn’t know existed and once one person has told you delete the game and die you’ve heard it a million times.

              Once you start to know what you’re doing you join them

              The more I’ve played the more I’ve picked up how to play the game the harder it’s got not to type abuse at people making the same mistakes I did still do.

              Despite losing repeatedly when it works well, victory is sweet!

              Phrases like “Enemy inhibitor destroyed” will never sound sweeter.

              Have any tips for how we can stop losing? Or want to join us for a game online add Drinkrelaxplay, Usefulslug or Tryanlol and please be gentle.

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                What’s going on?!


                Looking to pay us a visit but wondering what’s happening? Here’s a handy guide to everything happening soon. (We’ll add any other events as they appear but if you want to be sure just drop us a message or tweet)

                Monday December 8th Ludum Dare Afterparty

                During a Ludum Dare, developers from around the world spend a weekend creating games based on a theme suggested by the community. This party will feature a variety of sleepy devs who’ve slaved away crafting games both showing off creations and drowning their sorrows.


                Saturday December 13th Quinn’s Netrunner – TICKETED!

                Quinn’s Netrunner tournament is back again rounding up players of all abilities from 2 until 9pm with prizes for best and worst players and live music.



                Saturday December 13th BEARFAM XMAS NACHT (9pm onwards)

                What happens when people that are normally locking in studios making games host and DJ a night? It goes surprisingly well! This is the second time we’ve lure Bearfam out of the woods to play a mix of  hiphop, house & techno and jingle bells.

                This bears event was just right!

                This bears event was just right!

                Thursday 18th December MultiMediaMouth Panel Royale – TICKETED

                A year ago they hosted a panel with four gaming experts, they’ve re-assembled the same team to come back together and see how things have changed in games in the past year.


                Friday 19th December One Christmas Left - TICKETED

                “The sold-out Christmas event from 2012 and 2013 returns for 2014 for ONE. NIGHT. ONLY:
                Move quickly to secure your ticket NOW for the best night of your life, ever, ever, in 2014, ever: One Life Left’s Christmas Party 2014 at the brilliant Loading Bar in Dalston. It’s a Christmas party so you can expect snow, Santa, video games, decorations, singing, gifts, mistletoe, and a double dose of glorious cinnamon-tinged regret in the morning”
                Starring: The One Life Left team, 150+ songs rewritten to be about videogames, some all new Christmas anthems and YOU
                Starring: Jon Blyth, Matt Lees, Steve Hogarty and the other one who’s on our list, recording a brand new show which we haven’t heard yet because it’s NEW
                Starring: Keith Stuart as Father Christmas and Simon Parkin as a sexy elf, a bit like Liv Tyler or Evangeline Lilly or Orlando Bloom or Simon Parkin in a very short tunic
                There’ll be money behind the bar / free drinks of some kind until they run out, so get there early. I daresay we’ll be mulling something. And we’re using the hashtag #ollxmas so please stay “on brand”.
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                  In the Meantime

                  meantime logo

                  So if you’ve paid the new(ish) home a visit you may of noticed our beer selection wasn’t the best, in fact that’s an understatement it was woeful! To help fix this we’ve teamed up with Meantime Brewery. We’ve added two new beer lines carrying London Lager and their Seasonal beer as well as stocking up on pale. This now means you can grab Amstel, Staropramen, Symonds Cider, Gunness and the Meantime range on draught now

                  We’ve had the beer for a week but the font has begun regenerating into it’s new form.


                  We’ve also stocked some of the more interesting bottled range they do like the Chocolate Porter and Raspberry Wheat, but we’re not stopping here with beer there’s a few more additions on the way and we haven’t completely forsaken Ale drinkers, that Ale tap we have is coming out of retirement soon.

                  "Ale be back!"

                  “Ale be back!”


                  If there’s a beer (or any other drink) you think we should have let us know!

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                    The bar from afar


                    You may of been watching TV lately and thinking you’ve seen the background somewhere before, first up was our 15 seconds of fame in The Apprentice, if not here’s a picture just to prove you/we weren’t drunkenly imagining the whole thing.


                    Jimmy was distraught that Nick Hewer wasn’t the aide and despite making everyone get up at 9am to play an awful board game but any chance to get on BBC1 without it being on Crimewatch is appreciated.

                    You may also of seen Video Game Nation on Challenge TV (Yep the one that shows Bullseye and Knightmare and pretty much only those shows) every week our games area is giving an hour in the make up chair and made to look beautiful while Ginx TV film part of the show here. If you haven’t seen it, it’s not supposed to be online but someone has broken the law to upload it for your viewing pleasure here

                    GinxIf you want to catch the show in it’s legal format it’s on Saturday at 10am on Challenge or at the more friendly time of 12.30 am Sunday morning.


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